Scaling a Tailor Shop into a Mega Factory — a naive approach

I’m incredibly naive about sewing, and most of the above topics, so feel free to not take me seriously.

Our Goal

We’re assuming the dress made is for a human being, and not something ridiculous, like a Guinness book of records’ “World largest dress” kind of thing.

The Customer Experience


Image Source

Note: An assembly line is a very popular way to scale out tasks like Sewing, and we’ll consider this approach in later sections, so bear that in mind.

Yes, a regular tape rule can be used here. It doesn’t take very long, and I didn’t find any alternate means that was worth its cost.

Material Sourcing

Image Source


Screenshot from Tailornova




If you made it here, you’re either curious about scaling a tailoring business for profit, just generally curious about the subject, or just want to see what this guy has to say about a subject they know little about.

Perhaps, you’ve scaled stuff before, and have insight on how to do parts of this better than I have suggested. Please comment, cos I’m really interested in your thoughts.

If you have thoughts on machines to reduce the need for human workers in this system, I’m also interested in such a subject.

Till I get another thought I absolutely have to share, Cheers to you!



I’ve learned I don’t know anything. I've also learned that people will pay for what I know. Maybe that's why they never pay.

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