Dell XPS 15 Touchpad hangs — Fixed

Dell XPS 15

I got a Dell XPS 15 Laptop recently. It is a thing of beauty, except when the Touchpad just stops responding, and only click-and-drag mode seems to work, so I have to restart the Computer to get it working again.

Fix — Using Device Manager

Restarting every time is a terrible solution, so I began to check what else I could do to fix this.

I found that disabling and enabling the “HID-compliant Touch Pad” device in Device Manager, fixed the problem every time.

Disable, then Enable this Device using the Right-click Menu

Of course, you’d need the Keyboard to do this, so you want to know how to use the Tab and Arrow keys to navigate controls on a Window.

Fix — Using PowerShell

If you’re comfortable with PowerShell, You might want to write a script like:

And have it available globally by adding it to the $env:UserProfile/Documents/WindowsPowerShell/profile.ps1 file.

Then when it happens, you can run PowerShell as Administrator, and run touchpad to fix the problem.


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