Decisions are Art

The traffic, the heat, the stench, the blurred lines between residential and industrial areas, the LASTMA that sees you as awoof money, the pick pockets, the trucks that fall from the skies, the SARS officials who extort the youth, the crappy job opportunities …

As Lagosians, we’d gotten used to these things. So we stay, and do our best to rise above it all. We get SUVs, install air-conditioners, move into a dope Estate, and successfully ensconce ourselves from the chaos of it all.

Until SARS happened.

The #EndSARS campaign showed me that toxicity will always find its way through a barrier.

Do I want my kids to complain about the same things I’m complaining about?



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Ikechi Michael

Ikechi Michael

I’ve learned I don’t know anything. I've also learned that people will pay for what I know. Maybe that's why they never pay.