I remember the way her voice rang out when she was excited.

I loved how excited she got when talking about the things she was passionate about.


She visited a few days after Olowo Gbogboro came out, and it was all she could talk about. Apparently, she’d stayed up until it came out, and she wrote about it on her blog asap, a post which got a then astonishing number of views in a short period.

Social Media.

Her Facebook was always bubbling with activity. She was quirky, fun, and could have serious conversations on a broad range of topics.

Non-mainstream movies.


Esther was a Christian and proud of it. She’d go to Church with her Bible in hand and sing in the choir. She’d find a good Church when she was in a new community. We’d have conversations about Jesus, Christianity, Church History and more. Here’s one of her last articles about Cultivating strong Christian Friendships.


She wrote talked about her relationships and many crushes. It was adorable watching her work on the everyday challenges that come with maintaining relationships, forming ideas and sharing them with the world.

Her Blog.

Who knew Esther and didn’t know her Blog? It was like a public Diary she wanted everyone to read. When I saw messages from Esther, early in the morning, there was a good chance it was about a new blog article. I’ll miss that.

Careers and figuring it all out.

Esther was very smart and determined. She was braver than I’ll ever be. When she read the numbers, and saw that her blog could make more money than her current career, as a writer could, she quit her job, and moved to a different city where she could focus on her writing. I was astonished when she called a few months later, to tell me how well her blog was doing. I’ll miss that.


Esther was a Scholar Student. All her classmates I met, said so. I’d ask her a thousand questions about the subject, that she was sometimes happy to answer. After school, like many people who study Chemistry in Nigeria, the subject held little promise of a career outside the academic path, and she focused on her passion of creating content.

But Esther, you found happiness, and brought it to others.

Your work will live on, and continue to teach people how to live life to its fullest.

And best of all, because you know and believe in Jesus, I believe I’ll meet you and hear that laughter ring out many more times forever.

Screenshot of Esther Adeniyi’s Blog Homepage taken on March 3, 2020.

I’ve learned I don’t know anything. I've also learned that people will pay for what I know. Maybe that's why they never pay.

I’ve learned I don’t know anything. I've also learned that people will pay for what I know. Maybe that's why they never pay.